Patient Vulnerability: Ethical Considerations for Physical Therapists

Name, Surname: Murat ŞAHIN   


Summary of the “Patient Vulnerability: Ethical Considerations for Physical Therapists”

Susan W Sisola in the article titled “Patient Vulnerability: Ethical Considerations for Physical Therapists” said that PTs consider economical opportunities while they recommend suitable equipment for patients. While they recommend suitable equipments or products for patients, their preferences can change. Sometimes they suggest many different vendors to patients and sometimes they suggest specific ones because of vendor’s payment as reward. This relationship between PTs and vendors causes an ethical problem because PTs have responsibilities such as recommending products from the aspect of physical, psychological and socio-economical welfare. Besides, PTs have to evaluate new equipments from the aspect of their effectiveness before they use them. PTs have to improve the products by considering the patients’ economical situations. PTs have ethical missions about this issue. Their recommendations must be based on PT’s professional judgments but patients should have the right of decision while they buy the recommended products. PTs should lead the patients for accessible and suitable products for patients’ comfort and easy transportation conditions.

Financial interest of PTs is factors when they make decisions. So, PT’s attitudes cannot be trusted in the nonexistence of their economical interests. PTs’ self interests might deteriorate their professional judgments. For PTs, it is very important to gain patients’ trust in their professions. Even though patients are not aware PT’s economical interest, they may feel that they are misguided by PT’s. Sometimes patients are so stick to their PT’s recommendation that they can ignore their own freedom while they choose necessary product. So PTs have to balance the relationship between themselves and the patients.(1-2)

As a prospective PT, If I explain may ideas about relationship between PTs and vendors. First of all, Self interest result from relationship between PT’s and vendors is not ethic. Because, all of this about people healthy and while issue is about people’s healthy, most of PT’s cannot make decision fairly because of the self interest. Other side

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